Graphiti 1.2 Released

I’m thrilled to announce much-needed, much-improved Rails integration, courtesy of the amazing Peter Wagenet and the new graphiti-rails gem. This gives us better error handling, tighter controllers, and a solid foundation for the codebase moving forward.

You’ll be especially happy about this release if you’ve ever tried to add error-handling middleware. Because prior versions of Graphiti used rescue_from in ApplicationController, we intercepted errors before other middleware had access to them. Now everything just works.

As part of this upgrade, we’re switching from GraphitiErrors to RescueRegistry. Think of RescueRegistry as a well-refactored version of GraphitiErrors, available to even non-Graphiti developers.

Though you don’t have to do anything to upgrade to Graphiti 1.2, this release will start throwing deprecation notices around ApplicationController. Don’t worry, the required changes are quite minor and spelled out in the graphiti-rails migration guide.

I’m quite happy with how this effort turned out. This release dramatically improves our integration with Rails internals, and I think everyone involved learned a lot. I’m honored to work with such talented developers in our open-source community ❤️

If you have any further questions, check out the #dev or #rails channels in our Slack Chat